The following piece of writing was written using the Pomodoro technique (25 minutes of focused writing) and builds on the post it notes collected during the 'Interrogating the Prompt' exercise.  Can you see where the writer has built on setting and character?  What about the thematic connections with Belonging?




The car which was to fetch him from his beloved garden and take him to his new home was making its way over the rise of the isolated hill situated in South East Melbourne. Other than the House Warden who was driving, filling the back seat was the restrained Sister Verity, of the Melbourne Convent School, and his father, who was feeling somewhat insecure about what was about to take place.

Harold felt for the black comb in his back pocket. He carried it along with a whistle and a band aid. With every passing moment he was painfully aware that his greatest fear of entering a boarding school with other adolescent boys was about to be realised. He had spent hours last night packing his bag in its essential order. Order was what dictated his life now.

He couldn’t remember when he lost the ability to be lost in the moment, but knew that swinging from a bald black tyre over the muddy river was one of his greatest treasured memories. Not that all was lost. Watering his grandmother’s garden was a skill he shared with his ability to play hockey.

Once the car arrived and he reluctantly entered, the inevitable journey began. The radio was on but he couldn’t quite make out what was playing over the commentary taking place with the three authorities surrounding him. Until the tone changed and the golden, dry treeless landscape was no longer the only view outside the car window. What appeared before them was a road block and two police vehicles. A queue of three dust enveloped sedans was the cause of much commotion in the car conversation whilst presenting a window of opportunity for Harold.

He was going to do anything to avoid reaching that destination.


294 words