Summary of Creative Writing Workshop

1. HSC : Paper I – Section II

2. Belonging – Developing a Theme

3. The Craft of Writing

  • Interrogating a Prompt
  • Narrative Point of View
  • Character & Layering
  • Structure & Form

Students’ responses to texts are supported by their own composition of, and experimentation with, imaginative and other texts. They explore ways of representing events, experiences, ideas, values and processes, and consider the ways in which changes of form and language affect meaning.



Imaginative texts’ primary purpose are to entertain through their imaginative use of literary elements. They are recognised for their form, style and artistic or aesthetic value.

English Stage 6 Syllabus – Standard 


The Craft of Writing

Character - is an imagined person

Setting – the time and place within the text

Context – everything outside of the text

Narrative Point of View

Third Person Narrator is Omniscient – All Knowing God-like, he makes the decision about what the reader will or will not know and when.

Structure prompts into a narrative timeline