Since graduating as a secondary English teacher in 1995, I have been teaching English to students whose knowledge and familiarity with the cultural heritage of texts written in the English language varies.  An essential part of the learning process is finding a bridge between the world of the student and the world of the text. My greatest joy has been in enriching the learning experience from beyond the words on the page by using maps and tools, stories and film to explore the backstory of character, setting and voice. This is learning for both the student and the teacher. 

Tutoring allows me to work creatively and flexibly with an individual student to help meet their individual learning needs. These vary from reading and interpreting the classroom text, to mapping out an assessment task or oral presentation, to structuring an Academic English essay for the HSC, IB or College. 



Working with students gives me the opportunity to share my life-long passion for reading and writing. Not only do these skills give students the tools to succeed at school and university, they are also the building blocks of self expression and critical thinking ability.  I continue to extend these skills myself through my research as a PhD candidate at the Writing and Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney.  

My teaching experience covers secondary teaching and tutoring, HSC and IB tutoring, and teaching language and literature at university and post-secondary levels.  My students receive individually tailored feedback on their reading and writing skills in a supportive environment.  By celebrating their successes I help build confident and committed learners regardless of where they start from.